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Problem Advertisement Report Form

If you believe an ad on Bravenet is causing problems then please fill out the form below with as much detail as possible. An investigation will then be launched to determine if this problem is indeed related to our advertising.

If you are having a non-advertisment related problem, please contact our support department.

What website URL were you specifically on when this happened?
Please describe the advertisements you saw on the page with as much detail as possible. It is critical for us to have as much information as possible in order to track down the offending advertisement.
Did you click on any of the advertisements?
What browser and version were you using at the time this occurred?
If you still have the page open, can you please mouse over or right click on the ad, then copy the website address for us in the field below. This will specifically tell us exactly what ad is causing the problem as well as help us to stop the ad immediately.
If you can, please attach a screenshot of the page with problem ad.
Anything else related you can tell us in the comment box below would be greatly appreciated.
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We thank you for your time and effort in reporting this. We take these matters very seriously. Please be assured that if we find a connection with our advertisers, we will take immediate action to remove them. With our thousands of advertisements and advertisers on our system, this makes it a little easier for us to pin-point who is doing this and resolve the problem as quickly as possible.