Copy /Paste Help

Learn how to use the copy and paste code provided with your services.

Bravenet Copy Paste Code

Copy and Paste, or Cut and Paste, is a big part of Bravenet Services. When you sign up for a Bravenet Service, we provide you with a special piece of code, which you can copy and paste right onto your website where you would like the service to appear. You can access your copy/paste code from your service manager page. This section will step you through copying and pasting with multiple different programs and editors.

What is an Editor?

In the context of 'copy and paste' an editor is the tool/software that you use to edit your web page(s). One of the reasons that 'copy and paste' is often hard to understand is that different page editors use different methods to add stuff to your web pages.

Some people use an online page editor (very common with 'easy editors' and *free* home page). Geocities Geobuilder is one example. Some people prefer to edit their pages offline, i.e. not connected to their site (or even not connected to the Internet), and then send the edited pages to their web space.

Some editors allow you to see the html code, some - Trellix as an example - never let you see the html code, but just 'publish it' for you. Editors that do not allow you to see your html code are supposed to be simple to use - but often it is near impossible to actually do what you want to, exactly how you want it.

Editors come in two flavours - WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) where you can drag and drop elements of your page; and text editors (not word processors) which provide complete access to every bit of the html code.

General Help

Editor Help

Here are specific editor help details for as many editors as we could find. Your editor is probably here, with specific help and screenshots. Unfortunately, we don't have every editor here. If you can't find what you are looking for, there is usually a "help" section in the top bar of your editor.