Bravenet Password Protect

Restrict access to your entire website or just specific pages. Choose who views your content by simply adding special code to your site.

Bravenet Password Protect Service
Installing the Password Protect Service is Easy

Easy Installation

Only three easy steps to add code to your site and get your Password Protect service running. Then only approved people can access certain areas of your site.

Simple User Management

Adding, Modifying and Deleting user accounts is very simple. Users are provided login credentials to access your private areas.

Password Protect - Simple User Management
Bravenet Password Protect Service - Login Statistics

Login Statistics

Monitor which users are logging in the most and those that are not. It is handy to keep track of users that are really active and those that are dormant.

Server-Side and HTTP Authentication

User authentication is done at the back-end server level, so passwords are secure. In addition, browser-based authentication can be enabled as an alternative to an on-site login form. Now that's pretty fancy.

Bravenet Password Protect - Server-Side and HTTP Authentication

Enjoy all the features of Password Protect


Easy Set Up

Simply add special code
to your pages.


HTTP Authentication



Custom Views

Edit pages users see for
failed login, logout, etc.


Custom Login

Style your secure login
box how you like.


Easy Management

Add, edit, delete
users with ease.


Login Stats

Keep an eye on your
user activity levels.

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