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Bravenet Message Forums
Embed Bravenet Message Forums into Your Site

Embed into Your Site

Bravenet Forums can be embedded right into your website. Simply copy and paste our code onto your web page where you want your Message Forum to appear. Then style it to match your site perfectly.

Multiple Forums

You can create many separate, individual forums and organize them all into specific categories. This is perfect if you want to separate discussions for certain topics of your choosing.

Multiple Messages Forums and Categories
Message Forum Statistics

Forum Statistics

Access your Forum usage statistics to analyze number of posts and replies broken down by month. We store statistics for you going years back, so you can monitor the growth of your forums and how active they are.

Board View or Threaded

Both popular forum styles are available. Classic threaded views showing threads of discussions, or board-view if you prefer.

Bravenet Message Forum Board View or Threaded View
Password Protect the Bravenet Message Forum Service

Password Protected

If you want to restrict access so only special users can access your forum, turn on the Password Protection feature. Forums can be open to the public or limited access to only key individuals.

Easy Style Editor

You'll love how fun it is to customize the look and feel of your forum. Go with a square look, or add some curves. Make it match your website perfectly.

Bravenet Forum Style Editor
Bravenet Forum Dashboard

Handy Dashboard

The Forum Dashboard gives you quick access to all your forum maintenance tasks. Access the Style Editor, Post Management, Forum Settings, Copy/Paste Code, Statistics and more.

Feature-Rich Message Boards and Forums


Easy Set Up

Forums can be easily embedded
into your website.



Multiple forums in
categories of your choice.


Private or Public

Password protect your
forums for special users.


User Avatars

Attractive display
of user info with images.


Board Stats

Monitor forum activity
like posts and replies.



Change colors, fonts,
layouts, and more.


Easy Banning

IP bans allow you to
block unwanted posters.



Turn on email notify
to monitor forum activity.


Post Editing

Users that post can
edit or delete their text.


Filter Profanity

You have full control
to block profanity.



Search for posts by
keyword, IP or name.


Recent Posts

Easily view posts that
were recently added.

Build a Community with a Message Board

Visitors can interact and have live discussions on your website.