Bravenet Guestbooks

The guestbook web tool is a great way to communicate, connect and engage with your visitors. Your website guests can post messages and you can comment back. The perfect way to get to know your audience and build a community!

Bravenet Guestbooks
Interact with your Website Visitors by using a Bravenet Guestbook

Sticky and Interactive

Guestbooks provide interactivity with your website visitors. A guestbook will encourage your viewers to provide testimonials, compliments and comments. And you can learn about what your website visitors are looking for and where they are coming from.

Fun Emojis

Hundreds of smilies and emoticons available for you and your visitors to personalize posts. Turn on smilies and let people choose their favorite emojis as they type... how fun! Bravenet Guestbook Emoji

Bravenet Guestbook Features Lots of Fun Emojis
Enable Bravenet Guestbook Replies

Viewer Comments

Turn on viewer comments and allow website visitors to post replies or comments to guestbook posts. By allowing comments, your website visitors can interact. It is a great way to build a community on your site.

Easy Style Editor

Our new style editor makes customizing your guestbook really simple. Modify colors, fonts, background, rounding, and a ton of other settings to help you make the perfect guestbook. Change the look of your guestbook anytime you like.

Bravenet Guestbook has an Easy Style Editor
Easily Embed the Bravenet Guestbook on any Website

Embeddable Tool

Copy and paste our code onto your page of choice and your guestbook will appear for your guests to leave a comment. Once your guestbook is live, you can provide a link to your guestbook in your email or blog posts to increase participation with your fans / clients / members.

Simple Maintenance

Managing your Guestbook is really easy with the new Guestbook Manager. Customize the look in the builder, edit your service settings, edit the questions you ask your visitors, manage visitor posts and replies, ban unwanted IP addresses and more.

Managing your Bravenet Guestbook is simple and easy

Enjoy all the features of Bravenet Guestbooks



Place the Guestbook right onto
any page on your website.



Change questions, layouts, styles,
colors, icons, buttons and more.


Manage Entires

Approve, edit and delete
Guestbook posts and replies.


Allow Images

Visitors can add fun photos
to their Guestbook Posts.



Your Guestbook users can get
creative with HTML in their posts.



Easily change the look of your
Guestbook with pre-made themes.



Interact with Guestbook
users by replying to posts.


Custom HTML

Customize your Guestbook with
an HTML header and footer.


IP Banning

Ban IP addresses from
accessing your Guestbook.

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