Bravenet Counters and Website Traffic Statistics

Live tracking of your website visitors, with detailed statistics and graphical charts. Hundreds of on-page counters to choose from.

Bravenet Counters and Website Traffic Statistics
See your Website Visitors from all over the World on a Map

Visitor Countries

Keep track of where in the world people are coming from to visit your website. And Visitor Heat Maps show heavy traffic from various regions.

Referring Details

Monitor what websites are referring you traffic in real time. Real-time site statistics means that you can watch as people visit. Easily resolve visitor IP addresses to hosts as needed.

Bravenet Counters Monitor your Traffic in Real Time

Looking for a Website Hit Counter?

Bravenet has hundreds of counters to choose from, of every style and color.

Bravenet Web Hosting Allows HTTPS SSL Secure Hosting
Export Bravenet Counter Service Data and Compare History

History with Export

Take a look back up to 5 years. See how your traffic has changed and look for annual trends. Compare historical page views, returning visitors and unique new, first-time visitors. Download to Excel Spreadsheets or CSV format as well.

Days of the Week

View a breakdown of your traffic by weekday. Doing your Email Marketing on the right days of the week is very important for success. Monitor new visitors and returning visitors.

Breakdown Traffic by Days of the Week

Monitor your Traffic in Real-Time


Comprehensive Stats

Detailed graphs
display all your traffic.


Private or Public

Keep your stats private or
open to the Public.


Deep History

Statistics are stored and
ready to export to Excel.


Referrer Tracking

Monitor which sites
are sending you traffic.


Visitor Heat Maps

Global heat maps show
where most traffic comes from.


Country Traffic

Check out what countries
visitors are coming from.


Hit Counters

Every style, shape, and color
available for your site.


IP Tracking

View visitor IP addresses and
resolve them to hostnames.


Easy Set Up

Simply paste our special code
onto your pages.

Get a Hit Counter with Site Stats

Real-time visitor tracking and reporting.