Free Guestbooks

Your website visitors would love to leave you a message!

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The guestbook web tool is a great way to communicate with your visitors. Your website guests can post messages and you can comment back!

Embeddable Tool

Copy and paste our code onto your page and your guestbook will appear wherever you pasted it.

Customizable Design

Customize your guestbook or choose from our professionally designed templates.

Midi Sound

Play background music while your website visitors sign your guestbook!

IP Banning

Control who can sign your guestbook and prevent abuse by banning a guest's IP

Add Smilies

Hundreds of smilies available for your visitors to use for posting to your guestbook.

Allow Images / HTML

Allow website visitors to post their own images and HTML in your guestbook.

Simple Maintenance

Style your guestbook easily! Add, edit or delete Guestbook entries with ease.

Multiple Layouts

Select a new guestbook layout or theme with just a click.