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Hold discussions with people from all around the world.

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Build an online community using the Message Forums. Post messages, hold discussions and interact with users easily!

Easy Embeddable Installation

Simply copy and paste our code onto your website where you want your Message Forum to appear.

Multiple Forums and Categories

Create multiple forums with our Message Forum service and organize them into categories.

HTML and BBCode Support

Our Message Forum supports both HTML and BBCode in forum posts.


You and your Message Forum posters can use avatars to identify yourself when posting.

Edit/Delete Posts

Message Forum posts can be edited or deleted by the original poster for up to one hour.

Customizable Design/Layout

Customize your Forum or pick from our templates. Choose from threaded or boarded style display.

Comprehensive Statistics

View usage statistics; number of posts and replies broken down by month.

IP Banning

Control who can post in your Message Forum and who cannot.