Free Contact Forms

Contact Forms for visitors to submit info from your site

Drag and Drop Form Builder

Building a Contact Form has never been easier. Simply Drag and Drop the questions you wish to ask your visitors. Style it the way you like, and once you are satisfied, simply grab the Embed or HTML Code, paste it into your web page and start collecting user submissions.

Your Form. Your Style.

Design your Contact Form to look just the way you like. The Contact Form Builder has easy to use design components so you can style your form to perfection. You can easily modify fonts, background colors, input styles, border styles, buttons and more. No advanced skills necessary!

Responsive Layout for Mobile

As the world has shifted to supporting every type of device on the web, we have made sure that your Contact Form will react and fit perfectly for every device your visitor use when viewing your form. Your contact form will scale for even the smallest phone. Form auto-resizing works perfectly in websites that use responsive layouts.

Plug in the Code. Collect the Data.

Getting your Contact Form onto your site is as easy as using copy and paste. We deliver the form as a javascript embed or as straight up HTML. If you want to simply link to the form, then we have a hosted version for you so that you can link directly to it. For advanced users, you can further modify the HTML if you so choose.

We Email and Store Submissions

On top of receiving an email with your visitors answers when they submit your contact form, we also store it in our cloud for analytics and backup versions. When you modify your form, we do not manipulate or delete user submissions. Everything is stored in a database for later viewing or download.

Download Data to CSV (Excel)

Keep a paper trail of all sumbitted data to your contact forms. Since we store all your visitor submissions in our cloud databases, we've made it available in CSV (Excel) format for downloading and keeping in your personal files. Downloading to spreadsheet is fantastic for sorting and analyzing data.

Send File Attachments

If you want to allow your site visitors to send you a file, simply drag in a 'File Attachment' field into your form, and users can now send you files. This is great for accepting resumes, mock up designs for print shops, photography, work proposals, or any other types of files you may wish to receive.

Validate User Input

You have full control. Adding 'Required Fields' is very important when collecting information. You can also decide what kind of validation to use when your visitor submits their information; such as requiring the user to input a valid email address, date or website URL.

Free Contact Forms

Contact Forms for visitors to submit info from your site