Free Online Calendars

Always be just a click away from your important dates

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Never be late for a very important date. Use the Online Calendar to keep track of all special occasions - allow others to share events too.

Multiple Views

Use Month, Week, and Day and Agenda Views to prioritize your appointments quickly and easily.

Get Organized

Be prepared - stay on top of meetings, appointments, and special occasions.

Plan and Share Events

Improve the success of your events. Let people access details and with you interact in advance.

Printer Friendly

Print any page of your calendar. All calendar views have been configured to print well.

Fully Customizable

Customize the Online Calendar Service to match and enhance the theme of your website.


Never forget important dates again with email reminders for you and your guests.

Nothing to Download

Just register the service, copy the code onto your webpage, and begin using your service.