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Take your website content viral with Po.st
all in one social sharing tool!

Bravenet is offering its publishers an all in one social sharing tool from Po.st.

Once piece of JavaScript that carries the most popular sharing tools for readers to quickly and easily share your content in any manner they choose.

Why should you include Po.st within your site?

  • SEO- Search engines are now looking at sites that carry sharing buttons as a ranking factor
  • New users- Content that gets shared to Facebook or Twitter brings new users to your site for free
  • User Experience- Users want to be able to share their experiences with their friends. Over 90% of the sites online today carry sharing buttons. BraveNet, through a partnership with Po.st, has combined every popular sharing tool into one interface so that your content can go viral.
po.st example

Po.st combines the Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin buttons. Users can hover over the Po.st icons to see additional sharing services!

po.st example

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