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July 27th, 2009    
Steve Configuring your iPhone with an e-mail account
By Steve Hanker

One of the perks of a pro hosting package is the ability to create unlimited e-mail addresses. This means you can create dedicated addresses for specific purposes - for example: a personal e-mail address, and a separate business address - all managed within the "e-mail" section of your account!

But what if one of these purposes is for your mobile phone, or you simply want the ability to check the messages associated with your main address while on the go?

Fortunately, this is a quick and easy process! This article will cover configuration of an e-mail address created within your Bravenet account with an Apple iPhone.

We will begin here assuming you have already created an e-mail address "e-mail" section of your account and have not yet configured your iPhone with any e-mail addresses (if you currently have other e-mail addresses associated with your phone, please first read the note at the bottom of this article).

1. Tap the "Mail" icon on your phone. You will see the below screen, at which point you will want to tap "Other".

2. Tap "Add Mail Account" at the top of the next screen under the "Mail" heading, then fill in your details and tap "Save" when ready. The e-mail address and password will need to be exactly as you entered them in your Bravenet account.

If you think you made a mistake here but saved the details, don't worry - you can change them in the next step.

3. Because Bravenet offers POP3 e-mail addresses, make sure you tap POP at the top of the next screen. All that is required now is to fill in the incoming (POP3) and outgoing (SMTP) mail server information to complete configuration!

These server details are specific to your domain. The below screenshot shows how this information should be entered, where "" is replaced with the registered domain associated with this e-mail address.

The Incoming mail server username will be your full e-mail address. When this information has been entered, tap "Save" again to complete configuration! Your phone may take a moment to verify this information and make an initial connection to the mail servers. If this is a brand new e-mail address, please allow some extra time for the connection to be made.

4. You can now access your inbox by tapping the "Mail" icon. You should immediately receive an automatic welcome message from us with some details you can use if you need assistance, and to verify that your inbox is properly receiving mail.

It's that easy, and among the many features available with an upgraded hosting package, your inbox will benefit from our comprehensive spam and virus protection.

Completing these quick steps will allow you to take any e-mail address with a mailbox created within your Bravenet account anywhere you take your iPhone!

Note: If you have an existing e-mail address configured with your phone, simply tap "Settings" then "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" and finally "Add Account...". You can now start from Step 1 of this article.

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Steve Incoming domain transfers - step by step
by Steve Hanker

There are many advantages to owning a domain name - especially if you can manage it within your Bravenet account configured with pro hosting. Complete control over all aspects of your domain is available to you with the ability to create unlimited subdomains, FTP accounts and e-mail addresses, among many other included features - all ad-free. Of course, domains can be registered within any Bravenet account at any time, but this article will cover transferring domains - specifically transferring a domain registered elsewhere into your account to take advantange of our powerful domain and hosting management features and tools.

So when would you want to transfer a domain and why? If you're currently using a free Bravehost website address (ie: and have a domain registered with another company that you want to manage within your Bravenet account, transferring a domain to be used with, or to replace your existing Bravehost address can improve your website's level of professionalism. When used with the pro hosting package, new features become available that can't otherwise be used such as customized e-mail addresses and unlimited MySQL Databases.

Even members with existing domains being managed within their account who are already using pro hosting can take advantage of its multi-domain hosting ability to manage the new domain, whether they're choosing to create as many subdomains as they want, configure it to forward to their main domain, or just add it to their list of hosted addresses.

Making sure your domain will transfer successfully

There are a few requirements to ensure your transfer will complete without an issue. Please make sure your domain meets these requirements to avoid problems or delays!

Your domain cannot be transferred if it is within the first 60 days of registration, expires in less than 7 days or is currently expired. This is the standard with all domains and we ask that you wait until your domain is older than 60 days before attempting to transfer it in the first case, and renew the domain before attempting the transfer in the last two cases.

Make sure that your domain is not locked and that you have the correct transfer password (otherwise known as an EPP code). Please note that this is not the same as your account password. The domain can be unlocked and the transfer code acquired with the company you're currently using to manage your domain. If you're unsure of how or where to find this information, just ask them!

If you have any "Privacy" options enabled to hide your WHOIS details from the public, this will need to be disabled. This is because as part of the privacy your domain company applies to your domain, the contact e-mail address normally associated with your domain is changed. It is important that this is set to an address you have access to (which will become the case when this is disabled) so you can approve the transfer. You can enable this again after the transfer has completed.

Ensure that the contact information on the domain is up to date. Specifically, you will want to check the administrative contact email address that is listed on your domain name. You should be able to do this through your account with the current company.

Initiating the transfer

You can initiate a transfer for your domain in the process of upgrading your hosting service, giving you the convenience of making these purchases at the same time, and ensuring the transfer starts immediately after you make the purchase. If you already have hosting or just wish to transfer a domain see below.

To do this, just visit the "websites" section of your account and click on "upgrade hosting". Click "get bravehost", then choose any of the pro hosting package terms.

Next, choose the second option shown here, and click "Continue" on the right.

You will then be able to enter your domain transfer code and create contact information if necessary, before proceeding to the checkout to complete this purchase. This process is described in more detail below.

A transfer can also be purchased in the "domains" section of your account using the "Transfer a domain" link.

1. Enter your domain as is shown here, excluding any spaces and extra characters and click "transfer domain".

2. At this point you may need to create domain contact information, if none currently exists in your account, to be used with the domain once the transfer completes. If this is the case, click the "create a domain contact" link and enter your details, completing the entire list and ensuring that there are no extra spaces or special characters included, as shown below. Including these will return errors and they will need to be removed to continue.

Next, enter the transfer code as acquired or issued by your domain company. This is typically not a word, but a random series of characters, both upper and lower case, and may include numbers as shown below.

Transfer codes are always at least six characters. Please contact the company your domain is with if you are unsure of what your code is as the transfer can't process without it, and if an incorrect code is entered, the transfer will fail.

The final step is to complete the checkout process and purchase the transfer, allowing it to begin processing. After entering the transfer code, you will be at the Order Summary page for this order. Simply enter your payment information and click the appropriate payment button to complete the order!

The administrative contact for this domain will receive a confirmation email shortly after the order is completed which must be approved for the transfer to be successful. If you don't see this message within a few hours, please check your spam folder and settings. If you still can't find it, don't worry - our support team can re-send this to you if needed!

Once you click the link within that message to approve the transfer, your part is done and all that is left is the processing between the old domain company and Bravenet. This processing is standard and will take about 5 full days to complete.

During this time, you will see that your domain is listed as "Pending" within the "domains" section of your account.

Once the transfer has fully completed, it will be automatically added to the "Manage Domains" area with any other registered domains you may have in your account.

In short, transferring a domain is easy and the benefits of managing a domain with Bravenet are numerous. Here are just a few:

24/7 Customer Support to assist you through the transfer every step of the way and provide you with transfer status updates. If there is a problem and the transfer doesn't complete, our support team will find out why and re-process the transfer, honoring your original payment. To get help, open a support ticket here at any time:

Upon completion of any transfer, your domain is automatically renewed for 1 year!

Extensive domain management tools with further features available when combined with a pro hosting package.

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Courtnie How to create custom 404 error pages
by Courtnie

This article is going to cover 404 error pages and how to customize them. First off, in order to edit the Bravenet 404 error pages you must have Professional Hosting. Also, for the sake of this article I assume that you have knowledge in the creating, editing and uploading of custom web pages. If you need help with the actual creation or uploading of your custom pages please visit the HTML and FTP tutorials found in our Resource Center.

What is a 404 error page? A 404 error page is the page you see when you, or a visitor, hits a page on your website that doesn't exist. This often happens because someone has a typo or a page has been delete, moved or renamed.

Currently, if you have professional hosting with Bravenet your 404 error page looks something like this:

NOTE: it is possible your 404 error page looks different depending on how long ago you signed up for Bravenet Hosting. We have changed the appearance of these files over the years, but they can still be found and edited in the same way.

Changing the error page is pretty straight forward.

Simply go into your file manager, in the root directory of your domain and you should see a file called: 404_not_found.html. You can create your error page using any method you like; all you need to do is give it that exact file name. You can then upload/overwrite the existing 404 error page with your new one. And voila, you are done!

I strongly suggest that you keep the text on the error pages the same or similar to what we have on the default Bravenet error pages. You want to give your visitors an idea as to why they having troubles viewing your website. You don't need to leave the text for Bravenet, just the text for what type of error it is.

I am sure you noticed there are other error pages listed in your file manager: 401_auth_failed.html, 403_forbidden.html, and 500_server_error.html.

All of these error pages can be customized. Again, all you need to do is create a page using the exact same file name. Customize these pages however you like, but remember, you probably want to keep some sort of error message on the page to let your visitors know they have encountered a problem.

Having a hard time finding these error pages? Make sure you are in the root of your domain. Do you have free hosting? If you have free Bravenet Hosting you can not edit your error pages. In order to create custom error pages you must have professional hosting. Upgrade to professional hosting now!

If you have professional hosting and still don't see the error pages listed above, do not worry. Perhaps they got deleted. But that is okay, just create your error pages using the exact file names listed here and upload them.

REMEMBER: the error pages must be in the root directory of your domain. Example:

For your reference here are the errors, error page file names and the text currently found on them. This text should help you with the designing of your custom error pages.

401 Authorization Failed - 401_auth_failed.html

Oops! Did you mistype a username or password?

The URL you've requested, requires a correct username and password. Either you entered an incorrect username/password, or your browser doesn't support this feature.

If you think that this is a mistake and that your username and password are correct, please contact the webmaster.

403 Forbidden - 403_forbidden.html

Sorry! You are not authorized to view this page...

You might not have permission to view this directory or page. If you are attempting to browse a directory, it is possible that directory browsing has been disabled by the site owner.

404 Page Not Found - 404_not_found.html

Looking for someone's webpage?

We couldn't find the page you were looking for.

500 Internal Server Error - 500_server_error.html

Internal Server Error

A 500 Internal Server Error was encountered while trying to access this page and the server cannot process your request. Please contact our support department if this problem persists.

Happy error page making.

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